Cassie’s First Litter – meet the parents

The puppies were born on 4th July 2014 as follows:

18:45 Boy – Blue
19:22 Boy – Red Grizzle
20:45 Girl – Blue
22:05 Boy – Blue
22:35 Boy – Red Grizzle
23:45 Boy – Blue

All are doing really well.

Photos are being added all the time – please keep coming back because we try and add some most days.

Daddy – Georgie

5th August 2014


7th August 2014 (a bit worn out after 6 puppies)

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Here are the pedigrees of the puppies parents. If you want to see a detailed pedigree, then please click on the image of the one that you want.

CassiePedigree01a  GeorgiePedigree01a_TB